Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Book Binding & Embossing...

Yesterday I picked up my printing from F.E.Burman and took it straight to Wyvern Bindery in London, They had my chosen leather material read, they explained to me how I was to get the embossing logo over to them by email and how it was to be set out.

Last night I had my logo sent over to the binders - I had to invert the colour so that the logo writing was black rather than the black background, As whichever part of the logo is blacked out will become Gold embossed, Once they received it they then resized the logo for me to suit the book size.

Logo Inverted
My Logo

Embossing Plate

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Creating the BOOK...

Testing paper samples, comparing the different textures and density.

When choosing the paper for my book I wanted a 'rough' effect, and a translucent mist for the quote pages. I decided the book would look more professional and luxurious with thick paper at 300gs on a 'Purest White' tone to really show up all the different colour ranges throughout the book.

I have taken my chosen paper and my PDF file of my Indesign book document to F.E.Burman - One of London's leading printer companies.

Due to the translucent paper I had bought for the quote pages, I had to recreate my book document with white back pages (so you can see the image underneath) before they could print, F.E.Burman were very helpful and went through the process with me, The Book will be ready in 2 days!!