Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Book Binding & Embossing...

Yesterday I picked up my printing from F.E.Burman and took it straight to Wyvern Bindery in London, They had my chosen leather material read, they explained to me how I was to get the embossing logo over to them by email and how it was to be set out.

Last night I had my logo sent over to the binders - I had to invert the colour so that the logo writing was black rather than the black background, As whichever part of the logo is blacked out will become Gold embossed, Once they received it they then resized the logo for me to suit the book size.

Logo Inverted
My Logo

Embossing Plate

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Creating the BOOK...

Testing paper samples, comparing the different textures and density.

When choosing the paper for my book I wanted a 'rough' effect, and a translucent mist for the quote pages. I decided the book would look more professional and luxurious with thick paper at 300gs on a 'Purest White' tone to really show up all the different colour ranges throughout the book.

I have taken my chosen paper and my PDF file of my Indesign book document to F.E.Burman - One of London's leading printer companies.

Due to the translucent paper I had bought for the quote pages, I had to recreate my book document with white back pages (so you can see the image underneath) before they could print, F.E.Burman were very helpful and went through the process with me, The Book will be ready in 2 days!!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

On the hunt for the perfect Clasps...

The book Aesthetic holds an ancient mythical presence, therefore I aim to decorate the book cover in an interesting accent to complete the quirky design.

Antique Book Clasps


I have searched through many clasps 
all with their own unique detail...

When researching into buying      
trimmings to decorate any  I have to 
take into consideration the book size, structure and running theme, including colour the colour and design style...

I decided that I needed a clasp that could be attached to a strap across the book...


Turn-Lock Clasps Antique Brass Finish by Leather Art Workshop

Friday, 30 March 2012

Final Images Chosen - Post Production In Process

Now that all 42 of the final images have been chosen, and the photographer has airbrushed every one of them, I have taken it upon myself to be in charge of the editing including the image lighting and retouching. In order to give the images that extra darkness that I desire. In order to do this I have used post production to adjust the contrast, saturation and highlighting.

Postproduction has really helped to highlight any important details of my makeup design that I want the viewer to focus on, it has also contributed to the atmosphere, creating a 'darkness' to the range of colourful concepts.

Here are a couple of the final edited images...

Gluttony - By Poppy Van Praagh
Sloth - By Poppy Van Praagh

Pride - By Poppy Van Praagh

Wrath - By Poppy Van Praagh

Greed - By Poppy Van Praagh

Lust - By Poppy Van Praagh

Envy - By Poppy Van Praagh

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Final Images...

Over the shooting period and the last week just gone, I have been choosing the final images to be edited for the majority of my sins, although I am still waiting on two more, Lust and Pride.

When deciding on the final images, I have come to realise that in order to create a project with so many separate shoots involved, they must hold specific elements; such as lighting continuity, variation through angles and poses, and most importantly it must hold a similar atmospheric feel to each individual photo shoot in order to create a series of imagery from the same folktale.

With my book layout I will need 6 Images of each character this will include the main full length image, a close up head shot, 3 variation of angles and the back of the book Collage. Within these chosen pictures, It is imperative that they show the Greek name scarification, clear detail of the makeup design, handmade headpieces and handmade costumes. The images must also hold perfection through their stance and emotion.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lights... Camera... Action...

Over the past two weeks I have been shooting my final images for the project '7 Deadly Sins', I created a two week time frame and booked the models in within these dates, which gave plenty of room for adjustments.

During this time I experienced the fast paced industry with both its highs and lows, including model cancellations, studio double bookings and broken props on arrival.

I learnt to take on difficult issues and overcome the situation by keeping onto of the project work load with organisation skills as well as communication and time management skills. It is important to deal with any complications as and when it happens, yet keeping in mind this kind of problems could occur on any occasion, therefore having an alternate option available is a definite requirement from the start when setting up project.

I corrected these issues by organising new models, luckily for the same  day shoots, re-booked one of the models on a day the studio was free still within the time scheduled period and managed to repair the props that arrived faulty.

Unfortunately more technical issues occurred from the start, when setting up the studio props, the continuity of the images were almost impossible to keep accurate. This was due to the lighting and prop movement that was indisputable due to studio client bookings. The photographer and I came to an agreement, that the images would look more interesting and expressive for each character to have their own personalised setting, which meant the movement of props and lighting would no longer cause a problem.

The POSE...

Putting aside the obstacle of complications, the final shoots went well, the choreography of the 'doll like' expression and stance created an unsettling and obscure affect. When explaining the movements I wished to recreate, I took along with me pre printed 'Doll-like' images.

The reason why all the models have similar 'doll-like' attitudes is due to all their sins being connected through common traits. They are all self-indulgent and self-obsessed which is also the reason for posing them as dolls, with empty expressions they are only interested in their own emotions and fixations.

Lighting Change...

The lighting and prop change for each sin allowed an advanced creativity to run through each shoot with movement now able to become more free flowing and experimental.

Originally I wanted to incorporate flame lighting into the photo shoots... but unfortunately this could not work. Luckily we started shooting the sin Wrath, who's colour palette of reds complimented the fire light glow, when looking over the images during the shooting process we realised if used with any of the other models we would have compromised the colour palettes needed to create each character. For this reason we kept the flame lights out of the rest of the shoots.

The original set up for the 'Greek Feast'

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

GREED... gadgets and gizmos

After researching 3D Nail Art inspirations, I practised making my own nail designs for the sin 'Greed'.
I wanted to create an edgy and eye catching statement. With this in mind I used nail extensions, black and metallic beads, metal effect chain, metal wire shapes and using super glue adhesive.

3D Nail Art 

To compliment the dark jewels of Greed i have experimented with diamonte covered ears using black and silver gems. Inspired by the images below.

Diamond Ear Cuff

Sunday, 19 February 2012


3D Nail Art - Made from rhinestones and pendants
3D Nails 

I have been inspired by 3D nails so much that at the last minute have decided to create my own for the 7 Deadly Sins shoot.

Below you can see the inspirational pictures of nail art that I aspire to live up to...These nails will compliment Greed perfectly, it will show attention to her 'Greedy hands'.

      3D Nail Art - Made from wire gauze

3D Nail Art - Made from pearls and diamonds
            3D Nail Art - Black crushed crystals

3D Nail Art with materials and beads



                          3D Nail Art - Made from Beads 

Costume modification....

Costume making for Envy
I have taken on an assistant to help me with the work load, Jodie Day a student in her first year also studying in the degree course that I am currently in my last year of, Jodie has listened to my requirements and assisted me on the whole, 

she has also taken on the role of fellow dress maker in which she has worked well and used her initiative to create and modify the costumes to the briefs description.
The skirt has been splashed with dripping black paint

Jodie and I gathered together all the trimmings and costumes and collaborated together to enhance the look of the garments.

We gave each outfit an 'edgy' appearance taking into consideration current and past fashion trends.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Last week to finalise the project photo shoots...

And the props have been ordered for hire...

Th revised studio set has been hired by see below for prop hire images

2 x Greek Pillar Prop Hire

2 x Flame Light Prop Hire

Greek Urn Prop Hire
These props will  be accompanied by other decorations such as drapes, Ivy, a table decorated with a Gold cracked bowl with infamous Greek fruits such as black and red grapes, Pomegranates and figs. The set will be decorated in  rocks and stones, and a refurbished antique chair.