Monday, 19 March 2012

The Final Images...

Over the shooting period and the last week just gone, I have been choosing the final images to be edited for the majority of my sins, although I am still waiting on two more, Lust and Pride.

When deciding on the final images, I have come to realise that in order to create a project with so many separate shoots involved, they must hold specific elements; such as lighting continuity, variation through angles and poses, and most importantly it must hold a similar atmospheric feel to each individual photo shoot in order to create a series of imagery from the same folktale.

With my book layout I will need 6 Images of each character this will include the main full length image, a close up head shot, 3 variation of angles and the back of the book Collage. Within these chosen pictures, It is imperative that they show the Greek name scarification, clear detail of the makeup design, handmade headpieces and handmade costumes. The images must also hold perfection through their stance and emotion.

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