Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lights... Camera... Action...

Over the past two weeks I have been shooting my final images for the project '7 Deadly Sins', I created a two week time frame and booked the models in within these dates, which gave plenty of room for adjustments.

During this time I experienced the fast paced industry with both its highs and lows, including model cancellations, studio double bookings and broken props on arrival.

I learnt to take on difficult issues and overcome the situation by keeping onto of the project work load with organisation skills as well as communication and time management skills. It is important to deal with any complications as and when it happens, yet keeping in mind this kind of problems could occur on any occasion, therefore having an alternate option available is a definite requirement from the start when setting up project.

I corrected these issues by organising new models, luckily for the same  day shoots, re-booked one of the models on a day the studio was free still within the time scheduled period and managed to repair the props that arrived faulty.

Unfortunately more technical issues occurred from the start, when setting up the studio props, the continuity of the images were almost impossible to keep accurate. This was due to the lighting and prop movement that was indisputable due to studio client bookings. The photographer and I came to an agreement, that the images would look more interesting and expressive for each character to have their own personalised setting, which meant the movement of props and lighting would no longer cause a problem.

The POSE...

Putting aside the obstacle of complications, the final shoots went well, the choreography of the 'doll like' expression and stance created an unsettling and obscure affect. When explaining the movements I wished to recreate, I took along with me pre printed 'Doll-like' images.

The reason why all the models have similar 'doll-like' attitudes is due to all their sins being connected through common traits. They are all self-indulgent and self-obsessed which is also the reason for posing them as dolls, with empty expressions they are only interested in their own emotions and fixations.

Lighting Change...

The lighting and prop change for each sin allowed an advanced creativity to run through each shoot with movement now able to become more free flowing and experimental.

Originally I wanted to incorporate flame lighting into the photo shoots... but unfortunately this could not work. Luckily we started shooting the sin Wrath, who's colour palette of reds complimented the fire light glow, when looking over the images during the shooting process we realised if used with any of the other models we would have compromised the colour palettes needed to create each character. For this reason we kept the flame lights out of the rest of the shoots.

The original set up for the 'Greek Feast'

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