Friday, 30 March 2012

Final Images Chosen - Post Production In Process

Now that all 42 of the final images have been chosen, and the photographer has airbrushed every one of them, I have taken it upon myself to be in charge of the editing including the image lighting and retouching. In order to give the images that extra darkness that I desire. In order to do this I have used post production to adjust the contrast, saturation and highlighting.

Postproduction has really helped to highlight any important details of my makeup design that I want the viewer to focus on, it has also contributed to the atmosphere, creating a 'darkness' to the range of colourful concepts.

Here are a couple of the final edited images...

Gluttony - By Poppy Van Praagh
Sloth - By Poppy Van Praagh

Pride - By Poppy Van Praagh

Wrath - By Poppy Van Praagh

Greed - By Poppy Van Praagh

Lust - By Poppy Van Praagh

Envy - By Poppy Van Praagh

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