Sunday, 12 February 2012

TWO week until the final shooting...

A Trip to London...

Trimmings and treasures unfold in the city of London, at New trimmings LTD I purchased fashion trimmings to accompany my fashion Togas. Pricey but intricate... the bits and bobs you can pick up from the many fashion accessory outlooks in London are intriguing and certainly mind blowing, the variety is far to wide spread for just a one day visit, but a lot of places like this are shut on a saturday!

Finally after trekking around London I reach the final shop and collected detailed accents to compliment my designs. Heres a sneak peak...

Fashion Trimmings from New Trimming LTD

After searching for costume accessories I looked around London for book binding and printing companies, Im looking for something a little different from the standard hardback and glossy pages.

I found a lovely old fashion book binding shop in London luckily they were just closing as I got there, so they let me in anyway!

Iv decided to go for a roughed up green leather material to bind my books with, with this I have decided to accompany the binding I have decided to add on a couple of extra additional decorations, such as straps and unique buckles or clasps!

Here are some of the sample snippets of the materials I chose from, Final choice top right (Green/Brown Leather).

Book Binding Sample Materials

From the testing I realised the scarification needed to be larger, consisting of a greater depth and perfection focusing on consistency of the letter size of each model depending on the length of each word.

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